the team

​Aside from each employee coming through the service ranks - from apprentice to technician- some of us draw from the manufacturing, wholesale, and general contracting sectors. This unique asset is part of what allows us to visualize a project before it's on paper, select the equipment that will most quickly pay for itself through energy savings and provide you with the best comfort and reliability.   

Whether you're building a home from the ground up and would like a custom system design, or simply need your boiler serviced, we cover the whole spectrum. 

​Geothermal heat pump systems, also called ground-source, are one of our specialties. These systems don't use any energy to produce heat, rather only to transfer it from the ground to your home, or vise versa. This technology allows homeowners to take advantage of the near-constant ground temperatures directly under their feet. When applied correctly, geothermal technology can result in staggering energy savings when compared to traditional HVAC. The key word, correctly

​There are a number of challenges associated with geothermal applications, all of which stem from inexperienced installers. Geo - as we like to call it - requires skills and experience from a broad range of practices. Engineering and design, plumbing, hydronics and excavation all pay a big part in the whole geo picture. It's the most comprehensive heating and cooling system you can put in your home. It's also the most efficient.

Over the years, after countless hours of training and hundreds of applications, we've perfected the geothermal installation in regards to the Montana climate and soil type. Undersized or improperly installed exchange fields can result in problems ranging from an inefficient system, to a unit that simply doesn't work at all. We design all our exchange fields, and work with the area's only excavator who's as picky about perfection as we are. 

A great thing about geothermal is the broad range of application possibilities. Systems can be used to heat and cool a house with forced-air ducts, or by means of in-floor "radiant" tubing. Domestic hot waster can be provided, and unique applications, such as pool heat, snow melt, and "load sharing" are all possibilities. Ever hear of a desuperheater? It's a piece of equipment that comes in certain geo units that - when the AC is running - actually removes waste heat from the air in your home, and uses it to heat domestic hot water.

It sounds fancy and expensive, but don't give in to the misconception that geothermal is only for big, lavish houses. Often, the quickest payback comes from the simplest installations. Give us a call to learn more. 

a word about geothermal

~D'Aron Johnson, owner


 At Ambrose Geo, we strive to provide homeowners with the most efficient, dependable HVAC systems possible, all while remaining keenly focused on environment stability and return on investment. Aside from geothermal equipment, we service and install boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless units, even solar applications; if it's mechanical and it's within the greater Missoula area, we'd like the opportunity to work for you.  

Why Ambrose?

We're located in beautiful Stevensville. Some would say Ambrose is a medium size company, but we think that "perfect size" is a better description. We're big enough to bring to the table all the skills, experience and practices that the modern HVAC contractor needs, and small enough to retain the connections with our customers, attention to detail, responsiveness, and pride in our work.